Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Selling Skills Tips The Jobs' style

 When you search online for great presenters, the late Steve Jobs appears in almost every search. His talents reached far beyond developing groundbreaking products; he knew how to create visually appealing, non-traditional  sale presentations.

’ style is magical,Essentially Jobs routinely followed a particular partern in his classic sales presentations.He would gently take the buyer up the plateau where he goes into all the details about the cool features of his product .At the plateau he also emphasizes all the inadequacies of  similar products which people use and the solutions which his new product has come to offer.. It’s about leading the crowd to see what he will unveil next, what is the next big exciting toy that we can become obsessed with, what magical features will he discuss that are revolutionary and cutting edge. We wait to see what he will uncover. We wait with baited breath.

As he introduces the new iPhone, he explains one idea at a time without using boring bullet points. He then uses a strong visual to sum up his three key points — a master salesman, no doubt.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Innovative Marketing Tips And Resources: Selling What You Love

Innovative Marketing Tips And Resources: Selling What You Love

Selling What You Love

One of the most often ignored secrets  of great sales is the love connection.We are psychologically wired to love .This is why our relational health more or less determines the degree of success we experience in such an unrelated part of our lives like the workplace..This is because what we love is part of our total being..Tryng to market what you deeply care about will often make you willing to go the extra mile to make sure it gets bought by people who care deeply about such things.Here  a sort of 'product media' (just like social media) is formed where people get bonded together through a product  or sevice.Many people don't like the idea of coming together or connecting together only for the sake of a business product or service but this cannot be obliterated from our make up.Such people tend to think that relationships based on business is utterly selfish.But we know that such arguements do not hold true because you are in business because the other guy is in business.If the buyer is not in business then the seller cannot be in business.There are five basic things you can do to maximize the love connection in business:
1.Sell or market what you deeply love and care about.
2.Always be willing to share new insigfhts and ideas through your product media channels
3.Invest time and money into learning new things about the product or service you are selling
4 Do not try to be an actor or actress ,be real .Do not try to follow a particular particular pattern.Lovers do not act.
5.Give a little more of value for a little less of cash.
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